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23 April 2022


17:00 - 19:00 hrs




To celebrate the launch of its new journal, the PGVIM team has curated a concert exploring the possible interpretations of the term PULSE: From the patterns that punctuate the various levels of existence both at a cosmic and biological level to the cycles that organise the ever evolving socio-cultural waves that are articulated through our artistic expressions. Tommy Hanson and Thanapat Ryan Ogaslert will open the evening through a meditative and vibrational exploration of pulse as produced through the electrical veins of deep modular synthesis, Scott Wilson will be joined by the multi-instrumentalist Anant Narkkong, the flutist Phataporn Preechanon and the double bassist Patchara Manoonphol investigating improvisatory modes of communication between acoustically produced sounds and multi-channel electro acoustic processes. The resulting piece “What If There's Nothing You Can Do? “ uses a single accordion sample as the basis for live coded (programmed in real-time) improvisation, as a collaboration between a programmer and live musicians.

Tuntun Taratawan Krue-On explores the disintegration of pulse through a lyrical ambient improvisation for electronics and piano. Anothai Nitibhon extends the perceptual and imaginary conceptions of the pianistic paradigm through sonifications and real time processing of the strings inside her keyboard as well as her mind. Poet and Violinist Hayne Kim will be joined by the sound and visual artist Jean-David Caillouët propose an investigation of the metric pulses found in both ancient literary forms and classical musical structures.


Dr.Jean-David Caillouët

Dr.Scott Wilson

Hayne Kim

Tommy Hanson

อานันท์ นาคคง

อโณทัย นิติพน

กล้ากูล อัครเดชานัฏ

ยุทธนา อัครเดชานัฏ

ธารตะวัน เครืออ่อน

ธนภัทร โอกาสเลิศ

ภัทรภร ปรีชานนท์

พชร มนูญผล

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